AquaFinesse Pool 12 x 53gr.

AquaFinesse After-Spa body lotion contains natural Dead Sea minerals with their
well-known effects, perfect for all your skin care needs.
A nourishing and pampering body lotion enriched with the delicate, refreshing fragrance of Apricot or Papaya-Lemon. Gently massage the lotion on your skin, leaving it soft and totally moisturized.a

With one simple weekly treatment AquaFinesse POOL offers:
– Crystal clear, pure safe bathing water
– Treatment which is gentle, even on the most sensitive of skin
– No more organic debris on the walls or calcium…
– A significant reduction in the overall need for chemicals

Each AquaFinesse POOL Tablet is sufficient for 1 week’s treatment of 5,200 gallons / 2,000 liter.