Trevi 106

TREVI 106 Generation Series

When you purchase a Trevi pool, you also acquire peace of mind, unparalleled manufacturing quality and safe materials. When you purchase a Trevi pool, you will be satisfied. THAT’S THE TREVI DIFFERENCE!

The Trevi 106 Generation Series pool is an interesting option for those with both space and budget constraints. The pool features steel top seats and uprights: only the joint covers are made of resin. Your kids can partake in their favorite games while you take full advantage of those warm summer days!


Superior quality galvanized steel top seat – A unique Trevi design, the double pool support post and stay assemblies for the oval model are designed for superior strength as well as aesthetics. The bottom safety track, made of galvanized steel, provides good stability.

Steel Wall Components: 1. Plasticized SP coating 2. Molten zinc coat 3. Primer coat 4. Application of an alkaline solution to cleanse the oxides 5. Galvanized steel wall core 6. Chromate anti-rust coat 7. Heat-hardened inlay 8. Ultra resistant polymer

Structural Elements: 7″ Steel Top Seat, Polymer & Steel Coping, Resin Seat Cap, Steel Joint Plate, Galvanized Steel Upright, 52″ Steel Wall


  Round :  15’ (4,57 m) | 18’ (5,48 m) | 21’ (6,40 m) | 24’ (7,31 m) | 27’ (8,23 m) | 30’ (9,14 m)  
Oval : 12’ x 18’ (3,66 m x 5,48 m) | 15’ x 30’ (4,57 m x 9,14 m) | 18’ x 33’ (5,48 m x 10,05 m)